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About Our Business

a lady holding a measuring tool and a plywood

There is nothing quite as elegant and modern as a hardwood floor for your home, and if you’re looking for a total foundation transformation, our team is here to help. At Expert Hardwood Floor Refinishing Cincinnati, we have established our position as the number one, most reliable hardwood floor company in the city, providing high-quality services that will upgrade your foundation and increase the value of your home. From hardwood floor installation and maintenance to professional repairs and resurfacing, our qualified contractors have all the skills and services you need to keep your floor in the best condition. As your local hardwood flooring professionals in Cincinnati, we have continued to improve countless homes with stunning hardwood floors that not only look beautiful but are built to withstand the test of time.

By selecting our hardwood floor experts you’ll see your home treated to the high-quality services that we are known for. Always performing fast and reliable work, you can trust us to use industrial-quality equipment and to work using the best quality hardwood floor materials ensuring your gorgeous hardwood floors will continue supporting your day to day life for many years to come. Our contractors have years of experience under our belt, allowing us to perform to a high standard of workmanship on any project we are called for. Whether you’re looking for exceptional wood floor resurfacing or are interested in hardwood installations, our team has the extensive knowledge and skills you need for a fantastic floor, serviced by the best in the business.

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