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Choosing a wood flooring professional? Here’s what to look for:

You should assess the scope and complexity and determine if you can do the job yourself. While wood floor refinishing is easy enough to do, it can make a big difference in the life expectancy of your results. A professional is highly recommended.

A professional should be able to accomplish the following:
1. Handle odd shapes or angles rooms
Is your room square? Doubtful. Flooring installation is more complicated the more complicated the room. It is important to hire professionals who are able to design and cut flooring, no matter what the shape or layout of the room.
2. Work within time limits
It is not easy to have your flooring refinished or redone. A professional will know this. Moving all of your furniture, being unable use the space, and preventing damage to the floor in between working days can cause inconvenience. Our experts understand this and will ensure that your hardwood floor installation or wood flooring refinishing job is completed in the time scheduled. You will be enjoying your new floors sooner than you think.
3. Dispose of materials
Any flooring that is not in good condition will be taken away by our professionals. Our professionals will ensure that dust does not get tracked throughout the house. We have systems in place to remove and contain dust that has been created by sanding, so there is no mess.

Our professionals are ready to handle your project. We value your feedback and want to make sure you are satisfied. Contact us today to get more information about your flooring.

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