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Can old hardwood floors be matched?

It's almost unavoidable for hardwood floors to get scratched. You can expect to see scratches, dents and planks break, regardless of whether your dog is too active, or your vase falls on the hardwood floor. Sometimes you are able to repair damage but often you'll need to replace damaged pieces or entire sections of hardwood flooring.

It can be difficult to match hardwood flooring pieces when replacing a section. When you are looking for hardwood floors that match the existing hardwood flooring, you should first check three factors: width, species, grade and profile.

Harmonizing the Hardwood Profile

When matching hardwood flooring, it is important to check the wood profile (or thickness) of your old floor. You can expect smooth, consistent results if you choose a hardwood replacement floor with the same thickness as the current flooring.

It is not directly related to hardwood, but it is important that you check if the subfloor in your room has been leveled. To ensure your hardwood is installed in a flat space, add or take out plywood.

The Species and Grades Match

Are you familiar with the style and type of hardwood flooring that is currently in your home? These chances of knowing the exact type and style of your current hardwood floors are very slim. The flooring specialist will tell you the species and grades of your floors and suggest a style to match.

The Width of the Match

Sometimes, even though it seems like the easiest step of all, many people overlook this crucial one. While you may be able tell if the planks of hardwood are wide or narrow off the top, it is important to measure their width before you match them to existing floors. The selection process will be easier and less daunting if you know the width of your floors.

Refinishing & Staining

A professional may recommend flooring that matches your existing floor. However, it is best to remove your hardwood floor’s finish and stain first and then refinish them. Professionals should do both refinishing or staining to make sure a smooth transition and the perfect color. Although you might not have to stain or refinish your floors, it is the best option in many cases.

Our team of professionals can help you navigate the maze and find the right solution. Expert Hardwood Floor Refinishing Cincinnati can help you with all of your flooring needs if you are in Cincinnati, OH. Call us today to schedule an in-home consultation!

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